Our Story


Geoff and Michaela first played music together at a music co-operative session at Aberystwyth University. Geoff tried to impress Michaela with his fretboard chops only to discover that Michaela was much more advanced as a guitarist and a burgeoning songwriter.

Romance blossomed despite some initial musical competitiveness and they decided to marry and settle near the sapphire sea of St Ives Bay, Cornwall, Geoff’s home county. 


When children arrived, Geoff and Michaela still managed to write and record original music and keep performing ,often taking the family along to gigs, putting cotton wool into sensitive ears and letting them sleep backstage.... 


The Smith household always resounded with soulful songs and little hands were encouraged to find chords and melodies on guitar and piano and bash out rhythms on old biscuit tins and table tops. During a memorable year living in British Columbia the family took an epic trip up the Alaska Highway destined for Whitehorse in the Yukon. Travelling in a beat up pickup recognized as a true ‘Rezzie Wagon‘ by local First Nation friends, the family overcame the tedium of their long journey by singing. They learned to find the sweetest harmonies and confidently blend their unique voices.


 Geoff and Michaela have released many albums of original music and their children Rosie, Jordan, Bonnie and Mica have become  creative performers in their own right. 


A recent development has seen Rosie, Mica and her husband Tom Holland (an outstanding guitarist and veteran of the Cornish scene. with his band Cross) joining Geoff and Michaela to create a rootsy rock and soul band to get you up and dancing .....The Holland Smith Family Band!

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